AM Service Operator PM Service Operator Area
771 M Travel 771 M Travel Clayton, Droylsden
864 Stagecoach M/C 864 Stagecoach M/C Droylsden
870 Stotts Buses 870 Stagecoach M/C Mossley Rd, Ridge Hill, Stalybridge
770 First Manchester 770 Stagecoach M/C Waterhead, Oldham
Y48 Stagecoach M/C Y48 Stagecoach M/C

Oldham Yellow Bus –

Bus Pass Only


Please note that the route of the Yellow School Bus service Y48 may change depending on the locations of the pupils applying for passes.  Please refer to the TFGM website for the final route during August 2016 

Please click on the links below for further information on the bus service for St Damian’s including TfGM school bus operators details in Tameside

School Bus Services Letter

Bus Timetable 2016-17 (From Monday 14th November 2016)

‘igo’ bus pass

If you’re aged 11 to 16 years you need an igo pass to pay the concessionary fare on ALL buses in Greater Manchester.

2015/16 Fares

To find out more click here.

To apply download the application form here.  

You will need:

  • proof of name and age document – which must be a photocopy of your birth or adoption certificate, medical card, passport or eU/eea iD card. Do not put original documents or cash in the post.
  • £5  payment by cheque or postal order (made payable to transport for Greater Manchester) or debit or credit card details.
  • a passport sized photograph

For further information or if you have any queries please phone 0161 244 1050 (office hours Monday to Friday) or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or visit the Travel Shop at Ashton and Oldham bus stations.

Please note: this is a proof of age only and is not a payment method for travelling on buses in Greater Manchester.  Your child will need this to prove they are 16 years and under and will allow them to pay a concessionary rate on the bus for any day of the week and during school holidays in Greater Manchester. Separate payment methods for school bus passes can be obtained as follows.

Bus Passes

There are various types of pre-paid bus passes available for pupils to travel on school buses which are used in conjunction with the ‘igo’ pass. Please check that you child as the current bus pass for the bus service they are travelling on, for example some services have a different company for the morning journey and the afternoon journey.  For example the 870 service is First Manchester  in the morning and Stage Coach Manchester in the afternoon, therefore your child will require two different pre-paid bus passes.

Yellow School Bus

**Application Process change letter 2016/17 - Click to view**

This service is the Y48 from Oldham and as children sit in the same seat every day and no one stands up on these buses you are required to apply in advance for this service. Each service has a regular driver, allowing the driver to recognise registered users therefore reducing behaviour problems. All drivers are specially trained in customer care and disability awareness.  For further information and to apply for the Yellow Bus please click here

Behaviour on the buses

It is essential and expected that all journeys be undertaken in a safe and comfortable manner and any misbehaviour will not be tolerated. Misconduct could mean your child is not allowed to use the bus again. If criminal behaviour takes place the Police will be involved. Parents or guardians of any children found responsible for damage to the bus will have to pay for repairs. Dangerous and potentially dangerous behaviour towards other children or the driver is not tolerated.