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We offer a variety of extra-curricular activities which take place before school, at lunch time and after school. These activities are organised by staff to provide extension and enrichment of our already broad curriculum and are a major strength of St Damian’s.

Our extra-curricular programme gives our pupils the opportunity to develop skills and qualities such as initiative, interpersonal skills, and independence of thought, problem solving, having a positive attitude and working well in a team; all of which are very important life skills. They can also be a safe and sociable place to go for our more vulnerable pupils.

Our enrichment activities range from practical activities and problem solving clubs, revision and homework, to a number of residential trips. Throughout the academic year, all departments contribute to our program ensuring we offer an extensive range of activities to engage all our pupils. Students are consulted on opportunities they would like to be made available within school.  Please see the attached information sheet here showing our provision encouraging all students to participate in a wide range of activities.

St Damian’s Enrichment and Extra Curricular Activities Timetable

St Damian's Music Extra Curricular Timetable

St Damian's P.E.Extra Curricular Timetable - Jan 2018

Tameside Competition Calendar 2017-18 (coming soon)   (Further information also avalible vis the following website; http://www.tamesideschoolsport.co.uk/)